Christmas Wishes from Portera


Each year we like to make a donation to charity on behalf of our clients, colleagues and associates, and we are delighted to once again be supporting some fantastic causes this festive period.


But rather than ask people to ‘click a link’, or ‘like a page’, we thought we would do something far more interesting, and demonstrate how technology can drive behaviour in a secure, transparent and accountable way. And, in so doing, also give money to great causes. A true win-win we think.


So, we have invented ‘Portera Christmas Wishes’. These have been made with a similar approach to BitCoin – in that we have a set number of Wishes, which will be allocated to people we know. Each Wish has a cash value which we will donate to the cause of their choice. All they need to do is choose which cause to donate to, and we do the rest.


Behind the scenes we will be tracking and accounting for each ‘Wish’ which is in circulation, so that they can only be used once. But we will also open up the Wishes to allow people to share them with colleagues, or for people to register themselves to gain 5 Wishes.


We will keep an immutable irrefutable log of the Wishes, where they go and how they are used – but this is all within our area of control, namely that Portera are the sole source of Wishes, and they can only be used for our desired purpose.


This is an example of the kinds of secure Loyalty and engagement platforms we are developing with clients, which allow them to motivate and incentivise specific behaviour, in a secure and ‘closed circuit’ manner. This isn’t to be conflate with BlockChain, and multiple node / distributed ledger approaches (which we are also working on) which serve a different set of use cases and needs.


Through exploring our Portera Christmas Wishes platform, we therefore hope you enjoy making a difference to the causes you choose for us to support, but also see how smart technology can drive specific behaviour and reward platforms.


If this is of specific interest to you, feel free to find out more about the platforms we are currently developing.