Nutricia Case


Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, a Danone company, picks Portera Technology


Nutricia Case Study

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition’s purpose is to deliver pioneering nutritional discoveries that help people live longer, healthier lives. They have recently taken this ethos into their digital transformation, and chosen Portera Consulting as their technology partner.
The business priority for their Commercial Excellence workstream was clear, but the technical requirements and the need to collaborate internally across multiple stakeholders made the technical solution less easy to identify.
Led by the Nutricia Global Commercial Excellence Team and Portera, a cross functional team (including Marketing, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, HR, R&D and others) defined their key success factors, shared business priorities and deliverables.
As an output, they identified 3 key Commercial Excellence modules required to deliver against their business priority:
Revenue optimisation – assessing the market potential, facilitating forecasting and allowing customer segmentation and tracking
Market understanding – building and collating a detailed picture of market drivers and trends
Business intelligence – allowing the tracking and comparison of business measures across markets through a real-time dashboarding tool.

Best in class implementation of Commercial Excellence modules
Continually striving for improvement and best-in-class execution, the start point was to set an overarching strategy for each module, with global governance yet market-by-market flexibility. This enabled the team to meet the local requirements whilst retaining central control and coordination.
Portera business consultants then worked with the Nutricia Commercial Excellence team to analyse current commercial processes across markets and quickly built a future-proof technology roadmap and infrastructure, tailored to Nutricia’s business needs and requirements.
Their recommendation was implementable globally, available 24/7 (built with high level redundancy), to pre-defined KPIs and with comprehensive security in place.
Baris Kavakli, Managing Director of Portera describes the team ethos when building such internal technology projects:

“At Portera, we place usability at the heart of what we do. It must be useable and useful – whether it’s an intranet application or a business intelligence tool. No longer should ‘high end technical applications’ come at the expense of smooth, simple and well-designed user interfaces. Our conviction comes from the simple truth that we’re all human beings, and the user experience should be considered and executed with excellence.
Alongside solid up-front strategy, we planned the implementation in two streams, scheduling design (stream 1) two weeks ahead of technology (stream 2) to ensure we deliver a high performance, yet useable product.”

The customer is always right
This agile way of working was embraced by Product Owner Levent Nazli, the Global Commercial Excellence Manager at Nutricia, who collaborated closely with the team across the sprints. Here he explains his view on the development process:


“It was very efficient and inspiring to design and engineer the analytical future of Nutricia’s Commercial Excellence. The output exceeded ambitions with the business acumen and technology expertise that Portera brought”

As a result Portera delivered the full requirements, in an agile manner, alongside ‘business as usual’. The net result of this was real-time business insight and tools, aligned to the business requirements, came on stream to deliver immediate impact and utility, resulting in a positive internal launch and immediate business results.