Marketers should drive the car

Back in the old days, where digital has not acquired our lives this much, marketers were driving the horse carriages in a confident way. We, as the passengers were only enjoying our ride. They knew the exact speed and path that a passenger would like (or of which they managed to convinced them to!) and although the carriage did not offer much, marketers did know how to create the ultimate consumer experience.

Things started to change when people’s life got busier and busier, resulting also in a more fragmented media consumption. This obviously was fueled by the development in technology and its reflection on our lives as smart phones, connected devices, continious tracking opportunities, social media connection maddness…

In other words, when Carl Benz introduced the market with internal combustion engines, the industry started to go down a path where marketers let the mechanical engineers hold the steering wheel and let them lead. Mechanical engineers knew how to drive a modern car, its capabilities & vulnerabilities – but did not know what consumer experience is about. They only focused on the car’s well being, by driving safe and avoiding bumps. The consumer experience was “OK” but not breakthrough.

All these developments helped a new species to born: Marketing Technologists, who sit in the junction of understanding consumer needs (thanks to our connection with marketeers) and being hands on technology (thanks to our background)

We as Marketing Technologists, strongly believe that, since there are no TV Marketers, Outdoor Marketers or Print Ad Marketeers seperately, we only need marketers who will lead the business by creating Integrated Communication Plan with a 360 approach through all touch-points, creating the best seamless experience for the consumer.

We, as Portera B.V are here to understand your needs, build the car tailor made to your unique business requirements and enhance throughout our partnership journey to offer the perfect technology ecosystem as a business lever.

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