Portera is the 22nd fastest growing company according to Het Financiele Dagblad

What an amazing journey it has been!

We are proud to announce that Portera Technology has been awarded as the 22nd fastest growing company in the Netherlands by @Het Financieele Dagblad.

Three main things brought us this success.

1) Client focus: Not only the management team, at every level, our team ensured that the expectation of the client is well understood and reflected in the delivery

2) Linear management: leaving egos aside, putting trust at first, we succeeded in a linear management model in which each and every member of the team took ownership of what they are responsible of.

3) X-Functional Mindset: The integrated world that we live in does not allow us to say “that’s not my field, connect with x”, as technology consultants, we need to take one step further to understanding different technologies, business processes to be able to help our stakeholders.

Once again, thank you all who has been a part of this journey, colleagues, partners and clients.

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