Portera Technology and Supply Chain Wizard Join Forces in Digitizing Supply Chains

Portera Technology is a specialist in technology and business consulting, as well as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands (according to Het Financiele Dagblad). Portera now joins forces with Supply Chain Wizard, a digital solutions & transformation consulting firm that has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and is one of the fastest growing companies in America according to Inc. Magazine. Together, both companies will combine their expertise in the field of track and trace to provide insights into complex supply chains of consumer & pharmaceutical industries. As a result of global serialization regulations, pharmaceutical industry was at the forefront of supply chain traceability. Thanks to this partnership, Portera could bring a more in depth expertise in traceability technologies & supply chain transformation insights to its FMCG clients and the FMCG industry in general, which is going through a transformation of its own driven by the increased consumer demand on transparency & accountability.

Businesses have been continually (re)shaped by customer demand. Besides the typical consumer demands of 20th century for availability, affordability, quality and choice, in the 21st century with the rise of counterfeiting, consumers started demanding more transparency and accountability of the entire supply chain to ensure the products they use are sourced & supplied ethically, sustainably and safely. With these changing demands, where consumers used to be loyal to a brand based on implied trust, they now need information and evidence.

By entering this partnership, Portera is responding to the increasing demand for transparency for the manufacturing & supply chain of consumer products. Portera brings different parties and disciplines together to understand complex supply chains. Through the combination of advanced data, technology and strategy, Portera helps its clients achieve transparency objectives. Supply Chain Wizard, has proven track record and expertise in serving some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world in their track & trace system selection and implementations, as well as support services. With this partnership, Supply Chain Wizard is expanding its focus to adjacent consumer industries, where the future of supply chains will be “consumer-centric”, by leveraging its suite of digital solutions & software products, such as Digital Factory and Digital Supply Chain.  

“Consumers are more responsible in choosing the right nutrition for themselves and their families. In addition to that, every day, more and more people are willing to understand how responsible producers behave when it comes to sourcing ingredients” explains Baris Kavakli, founder and General Manager of Portera. “Supply Chain Wizard has been developing advanced digital strategies and solutions for the pharmaceutical market for over six years. Within this highly regulated market, serialization and traceability has been on the agenda for years. Serialization and traceability are the two main enablers for providing transparency over the supply chain. And this demand has now reached the FMCG industry, this time through the consumers, instead of the regulation. Portera would be able to leverage the knowledge & expertise of Supply Chain Wizard in the FMCG industry to provide insights into the journey of consumer products from manufacturing to consumption. Portera works in multidisciplinary teams to understand the language of the business. In this way, we bridge the gap between IT and consumer expectations”.

Evren Ozkaya, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Wizard: “The partnership brings together two of the important parties in the field of track and trace and supply chain technology. Portera’s knowledge of the FMCG market, its access to leading FMCG clients and its experience with custom applications and strategic advice complement the expertise of Supply Chain Wizard and its digital transformation enabling software solutions. By joining forces, we are able to play a pioneering role with regard to digitalization of consumer-centric supply chains of the future.”