As life is getting ready to return to normal again, a period when we will face the innovations that the new normal concept brings to our daily life as well as the new work life concept is about to begin. And it is vital for companies to be prepared in this period.

With the decrease in the number of cases and the increase in the recovery rates, the workplaces are reopening in many countries.
It shouldn’t be forgotten that the biggest mistake in the new coronavirus pandemic was that the precautions were not taken at the right time. A coordinated path between reopening the company and protecting the health of employees should not be expected to be pursued only by governments in this regard. All companies have to create own policies.

The whole world agrees that the new normal will bring many new parameters to our lives and experts attribute a company’s survival to its rapid adaptation to these changes. In preparing a return plan in this regard, we must analyse our office conditions well, understand the psychology of our employees and support them with measures that will give them peace of mind and comfort in order to accelerate their adaptation.Therefore, we must have a plan to follow in order to safely return our people to work. The WHO’s detailed report contains valuable information for the measures to be taken in this regard.
As you can imagine, the importance of maintaining social distance is frequently emphasized in this report. https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/getting-workplace-ready-for-covid-19.pdf


To deal with smaller but inevitable second waves of disease, social distance rule will continue to rank first in the matters to be considered. However, keeping the social distances of our employees under control during this period when we will try to reveal the team spirit may cause us to experience difficult situations.
In order for the measures taken to be implemented systematically and effectively and also to be able to manage the social distancing at work, we need to ensure that each zone or floor at a given workspace does not have more than the allowed number of people.


Thanks to the ComeBack.app, each site manager will be able to limit the number of people at a given time at a given space. People can reserve their presence in advance, A/B working schemas may be defined, a face to face meeting can have precedence.

Thus, your colleagues can be confident that when they arrive the space will only have suitable number of people.
Also, if an unwanted event occurs that one of the colleagues start to show symptoms, ComeBack app is able to present an audit log to define who might get impacted.
All is done with strict privacy, single sign – on and according to your return policy


If you would like to learn more, please get in touch via comeback@portera.nl so that we can have a virtual coffee and surf you through the capabilities of ComeBack

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