14 Simple But Effective Techniques To Increase Sales

Doug Killick

Businesses worldwide have been chasing the holy grail of increased sales numbers. It’s such a lucrative task that many individuals have developed complete businesses out of advising companies on improving their sales numbers. Yet despite all this available assistance, many companies rarely see the value of their sales skyrocket.

Our Managing Director, Baris Kavakli, writing for Forbes business council, outlines his 14 most effective techniques to increase sales. Our top 3 tips are below, but read on for the most effective techniques to increase sales.

Look At Product-To-Market Fit

There are various tactical and strategic methods. Before jumping into the tactics, I would recommend looking at your product-to-market fit. Competitive differentiation with the ability to solve key issues with added value will sure help increase sales. Tactics can follow suit to execute.

Have A Unique Value Proposition

A unique proposition that is in demand is essential. If you offer a perfect service or product and there are lots of other companies that do the same and at the same quality, it’s not that easy to boost your sales. But when you give real value to your clients, you win their loyalty.

Increase Cart Value And Purchase Frequency

It’s 10 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to new ones. Firstly, increase the value of the cart. Look for complementary things you can add to the current sale or purchase. Secondly, increase the frequency of purchase. This depends on the business—offer exclusive deals and promotions for customers to return more often. – Judy Sahay, Crowd Media Group.