Security and Cyber resilience

Mitigate today and manage tomorrow with up-to-the-second cyber resilience.

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What we do

Mitigate today and manage tomorrow with up-to-the-second cyber resilience. Secure your operations, defend your assets, protect your IP, and ensure robust disaster recovery.

Information management & Governance
Our organisation supports global enterprises to effectively manage information through its full lifecycle. We simultaneously support comprehensive governance through policies, procedures and strategies that comply with regulation whilst minimising risks.
Cyber security
We help organisations of all sizes protect their most valuable and sensitive information with products, services, and training powered by OpenText™.
Cyber recovery
From threat prevention to detection and response, data management to investigation and compliance, our partnership with OpenText™ Security Cloud enables us to protect critical information and processes at scale.
Data privacy
Our data and privacy management solutions automate and integrate privacy processes so organisations can meet regulatory requirements and operationalize key data privacy program activities.

How We Work

Bringing strategic solutions through a proven process, driving commercial outcomes for our clients with precision and speed.

Engage & Connect
When approaching business challenges, we take a multi-disciplinary approach. We find that this provides more holistic, cross-functional, and achievable solutions to our client's challenges.
Understand & Solve
Our methodologies ensure a zoom-in, zoom-out approach. By identifying all elements affecting the business outcome, we ensure our understanding is complete, and our solutions fully viable.
Ignite & Create
We spark into action, and with effective teamwork, we bring our expertise, creativity, and dedication to running the extra mile in the solutions we build.
Evolve & Implement
A project launch is not the end of the journey, just the closing of phase one. We pride ourselves on our long-term commitment to our client's success.