Supporting elite sports performance through data and technology

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Elite business is elite sport

Elite performance in sport, as in business, is about executing highly precise actions based on the accurate ingestion and computation of external data. It requires experience, judgement, adaptability, and continuous inquisitiveness. It is about goal setting, training, optimisation, and managing setbacks. It is about passion, commitment, dedication, and pride.

We are proud to be supporting not one, but five athletes in their pursuit of gold: Annette Duetz, Odile van Aanholt, Bart Lambriex, Floris van de Werken and Maxime Jonker. Over the coming months, we will share their progress, support their performance through data and technology, and showcase how elite sailing can act as inspiration for companies on how they too can successfully compete in our ever-changing world.

Collaborating together

Team Portera

Annette Duetz & Odile van Aanholt

Annette and Odile, the dynamic duo of the 49’er class, have their names etched in sailing history with their Conny Rietschoten Trophy win. Their class is akin to the Formula 1 of the seas, where speed thrills and teamwork is the engine. Their seamless coordination and strategic prowess are a spectacle, making them a force to be reckoned with on the water.

Bart Lambriex & Floris van der Werken

Bart and Floris represent the epitome of teamwork and skill in the sailing world. Their consecutive triumphs in the 49er World Championships, especially their latest victory in The Hague, have set them apart as champions. Beyond their impressive wins, they aspire to conquer the Grand Prix and The America’s Cup circuits, showcasing their ambition to compete with the global sailing elite.


Maxime Jonker

Maxime Jonker’s name is synonymous with excellence in the Laser Radial class. Her cabinet of silverware from European Championships and World Cups speaks volumes about her talent and relentless pursuit of victory. With her sights set firmly on the upcoming World Cup in Argentina and the ultimate goal of Olympic gold in Paris, Maxime is a sailor with a mission.

Driving performance through data

For The Sailing Innovation Center, the future is water. For our collaboration, the future is data.

Working with a shared ambition of driving performance through data, we’re exploring how technology, data, and analytics can improve sailing performance. As our collaboration progresses, we will share updates on the contribution we are making to sporting performance and monitoring water vitality.

The crossover: Where elite sport meets elite enterprise technology

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