Supporting elite sports performance through data and technology

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Elite business is elite sport

Elite performance in sport, as in business, is about executing highly precise actions based on the accurate ingestion and computation of external data. It requires experience, judgement, adaptability, and continuous inquisitiveness. It is about goal setting, training, optimisation, and managing setbacks. It is about passion, commitment, dedication, and pride.

We are proud to be supporting Afrodite and Pim on their journey toward competing in the 470 class for the Netherlands at the Olympic Games in 2024. Over the coming months, we will share their progress, support their performance through data and technology, and showcase how elite sailing can act as inspiration for companies on how they too can successfully compete in our ever-changing world.

Introducing Afrodite & Pim

Afrodite Zegers and Pim van Vugt form the leading mixed team training to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympics for the Netherlands. They compete in the 470 sailing class, having both formerly competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo, with Afrodite also competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Between them they have amassed a medal haul of European Championship Golds, World Championships Golds and Silvers and multiple national championship winners medals and individual awards.

Their entry into the mixed 470 class represents their latest test, once they are fully committed to excelling at.

Team Portera

The route to Paris 2024

During the spring and summer months, Afrodite and Pim have a tight schedule of training, qualification events, and camps building up to the Allianz Sailing World Championships in Scheveningen, August 2023.

Starting in April, Afrodite and Pim conducted two training sessions in preparation for competing at the 54th Semaine Olympique Française de Hyères, in Toulon Provence. With the Mistral blowing, competition was fierce and fruitful, giving our team good event time.

From there they headed to San Remo, Italy for the 2023 Europeans before heading to Marseille for a regatta.

The team moves then to Scheveningen to compete in test events before the crucial Worlds in August.

Driving performance through data

For Watersportverbond the future is water. For our collaboration, the future is data.

Working with a shared ambition of driving performance through data, we’re exploring how technology, data, and analytics can improve sailing performance. As our collaboration progresses, we will share updates on the contribution we are making to sporting performance and monitoring water vitality.

The crossover: Where elite sport meets elite enterprise technology

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Cloud computing cost optimisation