Connecting business data

Unlocking tangible value and increased revenue per customer

The headline

Effective sales performance requires the ability to target the right types of leads with relevant messaging. To achieve this, companies are prioritising connecting different data streams to create smooth data flows across their organisations, and they are investing significant amounts to do so.

At Portera, we are helping companies drive value creation, create better engagement and improve conversions by connecting business data.

The challenge

One of our clients was investing millions into projects aimed at connecting and aggregating data systems to provide sales teams with more valuable data and insight. Despite these efforts, the company found itself unable to demonstrate the value and business impacts of these programs to stakeholders.

Our client not only needed help to deliver on its data promise, but also to show the tangible value and positive effects its programs were having in improving customer conversion and retention.

The solution

In order to help our client connect its digital and sales data and share analytical insights with sales teams and decision makers, the Portera team proposed a solution that consolidated the company’s martech stack and sales database. The consolidated data view could then be used to create new audience decile models, marketing effectiveness models and engagement strategies.

We created a project workflow to achieve this goal within 15 weeks. The initial stage encompassed defining and prioritising business outcomes, auditing data assets and reviewing existing integrations, tools and licenses. The next stage analysed and refined data ingestion and views of the newly combined data set. Finally, the Portera team created a new dashboard for insight sharing.

The solution has helped our client more effectively analyse its sales value, orders, digital engagements, marketing spend and revenue per customer. These insights are now fully integrated into its media planning and key reporting processes.

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Cloud competence

The benefits

  • Better connection of digital and sales data for increased insight
  • Enhanced effectiveness of modelling through first- and third-party data
  • Increased operational efficiency through reduced marketing spend
  • Clear view of the business impact of data
Cloud competency

The result

  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Improved data collection methods
  • Rationalised capabilities using converged data fabric techniques
  • Long- term data management cost optimization

In the past four months I have made more progress with Portera than in the previous 12.

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