Data-driven decision-making

Translating business problems into analytics questions

The headline

Business success is increasingly dependent on having access to high-quality, reliable data and being able to use it to enable effective, agile decision-making. Using data to improve customer engagement, better direct investment and increase conversions often comes down to asking the right questions.

At Portera, we are helping companies to better define business problems and create analytics-driven solutions to address them.

The challenge

Sometimes businesses make the mistake of using data and analytics to justify existing strategies and decisions rather than gather objective knowledge and insight. Another common issue impacting agile decision-making is not collecting data from a range of different sources or being unable to integrate different sources effectively.

Data cleaning and validation is a core component of enabling better decision-making. Without confidence in the quality and reliability of the data they are being presented with, leaders are unlikely to value it above their own intuition or observations.

The solution

To facilitate more effective data-driven decision-making, our team designed a workflow that included the following steps: requirement gathering and scoping, analysis, data modelling, development testing and a final review and publication.

We met with stakeholders to identify high-impact areas before running analysis and designing specialized visualisation reports. The insights gathered enabled us to create a central set of questions that would test the strength of current marketing strategies and find the root cause issues impeding seamless data and insight flows between systems and teams.

This analytical workflow allowed us to accurately assess the client’s business use-cases and create a DataMart. This solution simplifies the process of comparing acquisition, conversion and retention metrics as well as breaking down different consumer types, insights and actionable recommendations.

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Decision making with data

The result

  • Embedded data-driven operations and culture
  • Addressed previous decision-making biases
  • Increased trust and awareness of global data team
  • Simplified implementation of new project

We play an analytical translator role, helping businesses climb the analytics learning curve quickly and roll out more use cases than they might otherwise.

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