Data quality assurance

Reassurance that data is accurate at each stage of the reporting process

The headline

Automated business intelligence and reporting is commonplace across all organisations. But data accuracy remains a significant problem. Data accuracy and quality assurance is key in engendering trust in reports, and the number one business challenge facing data and reporting teams. Without accurate data, reporting is quite simply worthless.

At Portera we launched our Green Tick assurance service, validating data pipelines and business reports with a simple, immediate, symbol of reassurance. The green tick.

Read on to learn more about this service, and get in touch to understand how it can be applied to your business reporting processes.

The challenge

Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey showed that the average annual financial cost of poor data is to the tune of $15M. The survey also revealed that poor data quality practices undermine digital initiatives, weaken competitive standings, and affect customer trust.

Data-driven organizations are depending on modern technologies and AI to get the most out of their data assets. But they struggle with data quality issues all the time. Incomplete or inaccurate data, security problems, hidden data, and so on are some of their main problems.

Some examples of poor data quality in business include:

  • Incorrect extraction and data pipeline processing results in incorrect data presentation, creating false reporting.
  • Incomplete or obsolete information on regional preferences fail to unlock new business markets.
  • Month-on-month or YOY comparisons create mismatched data.

The impact of data quality is directly seen in lower revenue and higher operational costs, both resulting in financial loss. It also influences the organizational efforts in governance and compliance, leading to additional rework and delay. But most serious of all, it results in incorrection conclusions being drawn, and bad decisions being made through no fault of the person making the decision.

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The solution

Our ‘Green Tick’ Data Quality and Assurance solution does exactly what it says; we provide reassurance to MI dashboard users and internal systems users that the data they are looking at is accurate.

Is that sales data up to date?

Is that really our market share growth this month?

Have we really achieved that level of cost reduction this quarter?

Are we comparing apples with apples here?

Without reinventing your reports, we provide data quality assurance alongside your data points, creating a simple, intuitive, confidence in your audience.


The result

Data quality questions go away, or data quality issues are immediately identified for investigation.

The combination of these two outcomes is that business users are confident in the data that they can trust, leaving them free to make business choices on firm data.

The solution resolves these common data quality issues:

  1. Duplicate data
  2. Inaccurate data
  3. Inconsistent data

We created fully integrated and automated data pipelines and datawarehouse which create a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) and self service analysis platform - Green Tick assured.

- Abdulkerim Güler, Data Engineer at Portera

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