Employer branding: Bringing pride to employees, and momentum to recruitment

Increase employee satisfaction and increase corporate success.

The headline

Employer branding is vital for organizations; It affects the reputation of organizations and their attractiveness to both current and potential employees. It embodies company values, culture and environment, which significantly influence job seekers’ decisions and employee satisfaction. A strong employer brand attracts top talent, encourages loyalty, and increases organizational success by improving retention rates. It also increases employee satisfaction and engagement, resulting in increased productivity and performance levels. As a result, investing in employer branding is crucial for organizations to develop a talented and motivated workforce, achieve success and maintain a positive market reputation.

The challenge

Organizations often face challenges with employer branding due to discrepancies between their intended brand image and how it’s perceived internally and externally. This mismatch can impede talent acquisition and retention efforts. Our client – a global leading employer with a fantastic internal culture and track record – still had problem positions that it struggled to fill. It needed a new, fresh, and more dynamic employer brand to take to its workforce, and to inspire the next generation of prospective employees.

Overcoming this obstacle involves aligning branding strategies with workforce changes and market trends. Continuous monitoring and adaptation ensure the brand remains authentic and appealing to both current and potential employees, fostering a positive reputation and bridging the perception gap.

The solution

While working with the Global Talent Acquisition lead, we developed a core value proposition, and integrated execution plan. It was formed through stakeholder interviews, market comparison and analyses, and prospective employee interviews.

Our solution centres on a core value proposition, expressed across the key personas we are targeting, and translated across all employees within the organisation.

The result

This program has brought pride to employees and moment to recruitment. 

  • Internal verbatims and feedback has been exclusively positive​
  • Ad engagement rates and application rates are in the top 10% of all interaction rates across all marketing media

Being able to articulate exactly what made our client unique and different, bringing that to life, and then see it directly improve the core challenge we were trying to solve proved to be hugely fullfilling for our Consulting team.

- Doug Killick, Senior Partner

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