Utilising Cloud and AI services to drive Digital Asset Management productivity

AI, GenAI, and ML to drive adoption and cost efficiencies.

The headline

Digital Asset Management (DAM) plays a pivotal role in modern businesses by efficiently organizing, storing, and retrieving digital assets such as images, videos, documents, and other multimedia content. Leveraging cloud and AI services enhances DAM productivity by providing scalable storage solutions, seamless accessibility from anywhere, and advanced automation capabilities. Cloud-based DAM systems eliminate the constraints of physical storage and enable real-time collaboration among dispersed teams. By harnessing the synergy between DAM, cloud, and AI services, organizations can unlock the full potential of their digital assets, driving productivity, innovation, and competitive advantage in today’s digital landscape.

The challenge

Our client, a leading global consumer packaged goods company with annual revenues exceeding $10 billion, had a difficult time with digital asset management. A significant portion of their digital assets are not optimized in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool, hindering effective use by teams around the world. This inefficiency leads to unnecessary reinvention of creative assets, wasted budget in agencies, and inefficient processes. Our mission is to transform digital asset management practices, streamline workflows and unlock the full potential of digital assets to drive innovation and efficiency across the organization.

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The solution

We have successfully harnessed the capabilities of RPA, deep learning, and image recognition AI tools to enhance our digital asset management processes. These tools enable us to efficiently scrape digital touchpoints, automatically extracting and analyzing the total number of images and videos present for further examination. Additionally, our utilization of deep learning models empowers us to accurately identify, recognize, and categorize images and videos based on their similarity or differences, facilitating streamlined organization and retrieval. Leveraging AI and GenAI technologies, we have automated the creation of image descriptions and pre-populated meta descriptions, optimizing metadata management. Furthermore, by integrating LLMs and a chat-based interface, we have enhanced accessibility, allowing for natural language search queries, thereby improving user experience and efficiency in accessing digital assets.

The result

Across People, Processes, and Platforms, the change was significant. We saw:

  • Content discovery +25% YOY
  • Content engagement/ usage +70% YOY
  • DAM content ‘completeness’ +280% YOY
  • +54% active user base
  • +91% search usage
  • +51% Search:Download ratio

With implementation of Cloud and AI services, we've witnessed remarkable growth year over year, demonstrating the power of innovation and collaboration in driving meaningful change.

- Emir Can, Data Scientist at Portera

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