Episode 5: Nir Chervoni | Head of Data Security at Booking.com

By now, most accept that they need to invest significant cash and resources into cybersecurity capabilities. But, too often, this important job is left to IT leaders rather than the full C-suite and board. Talking about cyber security, building a strong core, and leading resilient teams, Baris Kavakli sits down with Nir Chervoni from Booking.com to talk about the topics of Data Security, Privacy & Risk and insights on security management.

Nir has over 20 years of experience the IT field, and has worked for all types of organisations ranging from startups and SMB’s to enterprise corporations and government organisations. Currently, he’s leading the Data Security teams at Booking.com

This conversation takes place on a personal note, and the views expressed by Nir do not express those of Booking.com