Episode 8: Manu Patiño Luengo | Transformation & What It Takes to Succeed – Global Digital & IT Director at DIA (ex CIO Vodafone Madrid)

Moving a company’s technology, people, and products into the future – often fails. If your organisation is not native to the digital economy, there’s one question that can strike fear in the hearts of its leaders. And that is, what is your digital strategy? On the show today, we’re talking to a CIO who is successfully leading his organisation’s shift to digital. As the CIO of Vodafone, Manuel Patino Luengo, or as he prefers to be called, Manu, has worked across various domains at Vodafone for the past 11 years. To him, software and coding is like a superpower, and he believes strongly in creating a cultivating culture where technology and people come together to work in harmony, rather than operate as separate entities. We talk about the future of Telco, the new business model, delivering total service to the household, 5G and much more. Manu, thanks for joining us.

Manu is currently the Global Digital & IT Director at DIA – at the time of recording, his role was the CIO of Vodafone in Madrid.