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Building actionable insight and reporting through data

The headline

There is a constant demand to provide a robust solution to planning multi-channel engagement, ensuring adequate focus across categories and appropriate effort distribution. It is essential for business managers to have accurate forecasting data, and real-time learnings, to ensure that they meet and exceed their targets.

Portera is helping a CPG business create planning and intelligent predictions using sales data, channel performance and effort distribution data across multiple channels. Cutting across different specialisations, this tool quantifies the opportunity, sizes the investment and optimal media channels, and calculates the potential market share ambition

The challenge

Integrating data, and turning it into actionable insight, remains a challenge for many companies. Data originates from multiple sources, often in incompatible formats (whether structured or unstructured), and third-party software integrations can lack the specificity to truly add value. Whether as a business/brand owner, or as a global centre of excellence, bringing data together, formulating insight, building best-practice activation plans, and monitoring performance in real-time is still so often something of dreams, rather than reality.

The challenge was to replace the business’ manual processes, so often still utilising tools like excel, with shared, consistent, reliable, and actionable automated reporting. Our clients wanted marketing opportunity mapping, channel planning, and performance monitoring against targets. This requires the collation of various data types, offline and online, internal and external. It requires data manipulation, automation of processes, and visualisation of data (forecast, planned, and actual) so that business owners can identify opportunities, initiate plans, and see performance

The solution

Portera has developed a tool based on a step-by-step approach to collating the various types of data, layered over the prioritisation of different categories or areas of specialisation. It then defines further sub-specialisations to understand and highlight the priorities for each of the business units.

The tool enables the client to identify the target audiences (the influencers and promoters of each product category) and the value each represents to the brand. This informs the effort that should be applied and distributed across business lines, with further specialist segmentation where needed. Additional capacity or investment needs are clearly articulated, allowing for additional sales representative data to be input and then used to give a complete analysis of impact for the current and following year.

In-built visual representations allow for easy deciphering of data and the client can upload internal and external research as well as field force insights, making it accessible alongside the relevant data.

Specific metrics allow for cross-comparison across markets, verticals, and a mix of media channels. By creating a universal equivalent, we have made it possible to compare a face to face meeting in Poland with an email campaign in Argentina.

The client can now apply ambition targets across months and quarters utilising business intelligence related to product weightage and compare planned ambitions vs the prioritisations.

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BI tool visualisation


  • Prediction of expected impact potential for future years
  • Accurate planning using a web-based and automated tool with in-built quality checks for minimal error
  • Product/business owners can track performance versus plan in real/near time
  • Ability to set trends for growth objectives for each audience segment
  • Data-driven tool for clear effort distribution across channels and representative

Finally I can see opportunity, by market, and measure activity against potential, without having to manually manipulate data in excel.

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