Track & Trace Baby Formula

Product Tracebility and Experience with Two- Step Verification Process

The headline

Our valued customer and partner, Danone, is a market leader in baby formula, and has implemented a unique two-step verification process using QR codes, providing transparency to consumers. The outer QR code provides information about the product, while the inner QR code, secured by a seal, confirms the product inside is baby formula from Danone. The company has installed QR application equipment scanners across its supply chain to track each unit. This system provides comprehensive traceability and has benefited consumers in 21 countries. At Portera we are proud to have partnered with Danone throughout this journey, providing strategic, executional, and project support. 

The challenge

Danone is the only company to offer parents a two-step verification process on its products, comprising a combination of two QR codes: one on the outside of the packaging and one on the inside. The outer QR code can be scanned before or after purchase and provides detailed information about the brand and the product. The inner QR code is secured by a seal and confirms the product inside is baby formula from Danone. Any additional scans of the outer or inner codes will result in a warning.

A dynamic track and trace platform

Scanning the first QR code on the outside of the package provides information about the expiry date, production date and origin of that specific unit. The second QR code can only be accessed by removing the tamper-proof seal from the outer package. When scanned by the consumer, this inner QR code validates that the product inside is indeed baby formula from Danone. And, more importantly, it confirms that this inner QR code is linked to the outer QR code and has never been scanned before.

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The solution

By having two unique codes on every single pack, Danone is able to provide unique micro-journeys around product information, usage, and traceability. The outer code is freely available to all consumers, but once the inner code is accessed, the technology can connect those two events, and change both digital experiences for subsequent inner and outer code scans.

Product information, advice around using the product, and product support services can be provided as part of the digital experience.

Throughout this project we offered a range of services including solution design for a 2-code solution, implementation consulting for hardware and software, user experience design, global process transformation, change management, and subsequent use-case creation.

The result

  • Enhancement in consumer engagement and strengthened the bond between Danone and its customers. 
  • It reassured hundreds of thousands of parents globally. 
  • Winner of Gartner Award in 2024 
  • Increase in consumer interaction, solidifying relationships with Danone. 
  • Blockchain, serialization, and aggregation technologies secured product movement data within the supply chain. 
  • Unique micro-journeys with product information and traceability through two unique codes on each pack. 

Portera has been our trusted consulting and execution partner along this entire journey. Whilst the Gartner Award for Innovation of the Year is something we at Danone are delighted to have won, we consider that we share it with Portera.

- Sumathi Manjunath - VP, Operations Digital Transformation, Danone

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