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The headline

Businesses understand that data is a critical asset. The more data a company holds, the more value potential they store. Yet the challenge remains to develop the capabilities to do more than simply assimilate data, but to turn it into a rich source of business value.

At Portera, we are supporting multiple MCOs to develop data centres of excellence. Discover how…

The challenge

97% of businesses are investing in big data, data lakes, and AI. Most of this investment revolves around assimilating, integrating, and streamlining structured data. Alongside this exists vast pools of unstructured data, with 95% of organisations raising this as a key challenge for the near future. So what next?

With data lakes and technology at the plateau of productivity, it now falls to organisations to ensure that they are deriving actionable insight and business value. This requires new thinking, processes, governance, and capabilities that span people, processes, and platforms.


  • Data capability creation within organisations
  • Technology and data systems implementation
  • Systems of governance, metric and KPI alignment
  • Standardisation and streamlining of reporting
  • Tangible actionable insight realisation
Centre of data excellence

The solution

Portera is supporting a number of global organisations in directly building a central data Centre of Excellence. Simultaneously, we are supporting a change management programme across local business organisations to ensure they too develop the people, processes, and platforms necessary to acquire, assimilate and harvest data insight for their businesses.

Central to this is an aligned understanding of each organisation’s purpose with data, its data strategy (end to end) and the business outcomes that will be shaped through data manipulation.

Systems of governance are put in place, along with the alignment of data capture and control requirements, and establishment of key metrics and reports are woven into their planning and operational cycles.

The outputs focus on powerful, interactive dashboarding, and the active engagement of data insight into day-to-day business operations.

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  • Business performance tracking
  • PowerBI / visual dashboarding
  • Issue/performance identification
  • Real-time impact of positive intervention
Data capability creation

The impact is seen on the bottom line, where inefficiencies in spend, operations, or activation are quickly resolved, and new commercial opportunities identified and exploited

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