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Business transformation and change management

The headline

Delivering exceptional customer service is quick to write as a business objective, but hard to deliver across an organisation already in the midst of continuous digital transformation.

For a global CPG business, we are supporting them in rolling out a best-in-class customer service programme that is transforming their technology, their internal processes and capabilities, and step-changing the end-user experience.

The challenge

Delivering a seamless, 24/7, and unified customer service experience is the absolute expectation of business and consumer audiences these days. Established with market-shapers like Amazon, Uber, and AirBnB, established business have found themselves playing catch-up as they come to terms with the changing data systems, technologies, processes, and governance that is needed to enable their transition.

This is especially the case in businesses that used to rely heavily on deep, established, and often face-to-face relationships with their customers. Now it is not size that counts, but speed. And being there for customers, on whatever topic, in whichever channel, at any time, presents huge challenges.

Our client has committed to the use of Salesforce, and Gartner Quadrant leader in its field and one of the preeminent SaaS for sales enablement. With accompanying Marketing and Service Clouds, Salesforce offers a full technology solution that is customisable to the organisations intended digital ecosystem and tech + data strategy.

But technology is one part of the programme. Understanding the technology roadmap, building the support processes, and supporting the organisation to change is actually the secret of any technology’s success. Cars don’t kill people, people do. And technologies seldom form the source of failure, it is the incorrect configuration of them, the incomplete adoption of them, or the failed organisational change that so often is their downfall.

The solution

We are supporting a global CPG with a comprehensive programme of technology and change management. From the top to the bottom of the organisation, we are helping them to align their business mission and overall digital transformation journey with a clear articulation of the place for Customer Service.

Alongside this we are pioneering, with them, the business and operational KPIs which are vital to track, and the growth plan to build expectations and targets which the business can grow to achieve.

In support of this we have a complete communications, training, inspiration, and motivation plan to support all business units who are sharing the journey with us. Toolkits, how-to guides, issue triage, and a development roadmap are all part of our scope of work, to ensure that the technology, people, and processes are all aligned to delivering the business outcomes.

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Change management summary 2


  • Unified articulation of the benefits of customer service
  • Business and Operational KPI definition
  • Change management model
  • Sized gateways through the journey
  • Practical tools and support at all levels
  • Valorisation of service and its business impact

We are so excited to see what this will deliver for our business, and above all else we have confidence that this process will deliver what we need it to

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