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The headline

With numerous health applications available, many on a freemium model and offering a continuous roadmap of new features and experiences, how can product companies truly compete when building product+service experiences? Often businesses opt for an acquisition strategy, but the experience of businesses like Nike or Nokia investing then divesting in health tech, what is the right path?

We helped our client understand the core user goals, point of differentiation from the market, and the corresponding data and technology strategy required to deliver a stand-out digital experience.

The challenge

OMRON, a preeminent manufacturer of domestic medical devices, has recently launched one of the most advanced and innovative health devices the world has seen. Their breakthrough smart-watch utilises the strap as a means to achieve medical-device grade blood pressure readings. Not only does this remove the need for regular use of the bulky arm cuff synonymous with blood pressure monitoring, but ensures the users have accurate readings throughout the day and night.

But alongside the stand-out product experience, what is the source of comparative success needed to ensure an equally excellent digital experience?

The solution

We conducted a series of depth stakeholder and audience interviews to understand the conscious and unconscious needs when it comes to blood pressure monitoring. Combining the game-changing advances that the new device offers, allowed us to imagine new user goals and experiences which other companies simply could not match.

Working this through with their technology and business teams, we were able to develop an innovation and prioritisation roadmap with the corresponding business case. Together, it provided the business with the clarity and path forwards necessary to support the innovation cycle, resulting in the launch of a digital service that has a 4.5* average rating on the Apple App store (December 2021).

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  • Breakthrough digital service experience
  • Clear innovation requirements matched to user goals
  • Prioritised development roadmap
  • Corresponding business case

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