People performance: Deploying technology to drive behaviour change

Creating behaviour change through gamification of the work environment.

The headline

At Portera we developed a technology solution to resolve a common people problem; lack of active engagement in company training initiatives. By gamifying the training experience, we transform the levels of uptake, attention, and ultimate impact of training initiatives. Whether the use case is training, adoption of company policies, or simply good work behaviours, this tool is plug-and-play for all enterprise organisations.

Key use cases: HR, training, events, company policy adoption.

The challenge

A company can do everything in its power to a create positive workplace, full of continuous development and learning. It can provide coaching, structured training, clear signposting, It can reward positive behaviour, whilst managing the negative events that can happen. But ultimately, some people won’t engage fully with the process – whether that be simply through work pressures, or because they lack the right motivation.

This is the case often with company training initiatives. Also this is the case for events, exhibitions, lectures, and residential/personal training. People may attend, and they may even take part, but how can people who are investing in these initiatives ensure active engagement – because it is active engagement that drives learning, and learning drives the desired outcomes.

The solution

We created a digital experience layer to be integrated into any environment or training content. By adding a simple QR code to places throughout the content, we provide the trigger to prompt audience engagement.

“Take this test, scan a code”. “Watch this video, get a code”.

By linking activity with codes, users engage more deeply with content. They actively consume and actively engage. Our heuristic is to connect this engagement with a points system. Points can be used based on the organisation’s wishes – to encourage behaviour.

“Score +90% on this test and get free coffee in the canteen”.”Complete this training, as a team, and get 500 towards the company charity of the year.” 

People respond to engagement strategies, and this technology is having a massive impact on the uptake, active engagement, and delivery of training outcomes.

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The result

At our most recent training initiative, 77% of available attendees joined the training with 89% engaging with the gamification layer. This was up 260% on the previous like-for-like initiative.

It transformed the successful completion rate of training modules by over 300%+ the previous learning event.

We are amazed that something so simple had such a big impact on employee engagement with our training scheme. Let’s roll it out across the company!

- Capabilities lead - AkzoNobel

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