Continuous Intelligence – Real Time Actions Based on Data & AI

Taylan Aydinli, Information Technology Consultant

Embracing Continuous Intelligence for Real-Time Engagement

Systems have gotten faster and smarter, but our paradigms around Customer Relationship Management and engagement have more or less stayed the same. We see a lot of teams struggle getting closer to real-time acting based on the near-time actions of the target group. At the end, due to the classic notion of looking at historic data, building segments and engaging customers based on something they did in the past is one of the main reasons why we have so many dissatisfied customers and ineffective communications. With the hardware capacity and the data we have today, we should be able to communicate with customers while they are engaged with our applications or are in a branch and trying to accomplish a task. If you lose the moment and react even a couple of hours later, the message is no longer relevant, because the only time a customer cares to hear from you is in the moment he/she is interacting with you.

Thanks to more flexible and practical solutions for implementing data analysis and machine learning, it is now possible to integrate real-time analytics of user behavior and connected devices, to follow them along their digital journeys to automatically take action in response to business moments and other events. This approach is called Continuous Intelligence and can significantly improve the user experience and conversion flow of your business.

According to Gartner, the three critical components of a Continuous Intelligence Platform are:

–       Streaming data & event processing capability

–       An engine to train and use machine learning models in real time (adaptive models)

–       Ability to take a wide range of actions and execute decisions

Gartner places Continuous Intelligence between Data and Analytics systems and transactional systems in its vision of the enterprise technology stack.

Leveraging Evam’s Real-Time Customer Engagement for Business Growth

Portera has entered a strategic alliance with Evam, a platform provider that enables businesses to process all data and events in real time and take action to increase sales, reduce risks and reduce operational costs. Evam is recognized by Gartner as one of the leaders in real-time customer engagement and streaming analytics. It is currently engaging with many leading companies around the world and interacting with over 500 million end-users in more than 35 countries every day. It empowers telecommunication, banking, airline, retail and manufacturing companies to process billions of interactions and ensure the right action is taken in real-time to derive maximum business value.

Through its alliance with Evam, Portera delivers business solutions leveraging Continuous Intelligence into your service offerings allowing you to utilize state of the art technology to stay ahead of the market.

Examples of such business solutions are:

Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Integrated Technology Solutions

Track and communicate with each customer/device individually to communicate the right message at the right time and turn your communication from a one way message to two-way dialogue with your customers. Some interesting examples in the customer experience / loyalty space are:

–       Track customer onboarding journeys and interact in real time to maximize customer life time value (LTV)

–       Increase customer engagement, conversion of your offers and Net Promoter Score all at the same time by making offers and sending reminders only when your customers are interacting with you

–       Help customers quickly in stressful situations such as forgotten PIN codes, lost cards, low balance and more

–       Send offers to transportation app users according to behavior and segments.

Unlocking Business Value Through Converged Data Intelligence

Create value by converging machine and sensor data into actionable intelligence, connect your  already existing sensors and devices as well as core enterprise services such as supply chain information, cash registers, system diagnostics as well as sensor information from branches, vehicles and other devices. Companies have created value and achieved ROI in a matter of months with the following use cases:

–       Automating tracking of supply, shipment, and products and taking action to ensure perfect orders are delivered

–       Quickly build usage scenarios for shared ownership bikes/scooters

–       Track device anomalies and take preventive actions or schedule maintenance to ensure continuity of service

–       Track perishable items and assets in real time to prevent spoilage and expiration

Enhancing Cyber Resilience: Real-Time Detection and Response to Fraudulent Activities

Detect fraudulent activities in real time and take action to alert users, stop breaches and prevent tampering in real time. Some examples where real time fraud detection makes a difference are:

–       Detect banking customers trying to stay under the radar by making lower transfers to multiple accounts

–       Capture immediately when a SIM card is copied and take action to block and escalate issue

–       Detect unusual purchase / return and other claim behaviour tied around specific products, locations, stores or customers

Leveraging Portera ‘Hypersonalise’ for Agile Content Creation

Using Portera ‘Hypersonalise’ – an agile tailored content creation process- you can take the experience one step further based on the Evam Continuous Intelligence insights. In addition to automatically reacting in real-time to specific user behaviour or system performance, it allows you to react with dynamic personalised content and create a highly personalized user experience.

Accelerating Innovation with Portera Jump: Rapid Prototyping for Continuous Intelligence

As Portera, we realize often that companies that want to innovate are burning through valuable funds and resources due to a lack of strategic direction, while this direction could have been defined and put to the test beforehand. As a strategic partner, we offer a service called ‘Portera Jump’. We approach your business case from the desired innovation and deliver a proof of concept within two – three weeks using EVAM platform. In a very short time, you can see what kind of value Continuous Intelligence can bring to your business.

To find out more about Continuous Intelligence and the transformation it could bring your business, drop me a line to hear about recent case studies and to begin exploring what it could mean for you.