Portera Inspire – “Learning through collaborative thinking”

Welcome to Portera INSPIRE – the gateway to transformative team engagement. In this unique event, we bring together the brightest minds and industry leaders to host thought-provoking and reflective thinking sessions. Our focus is on inspiring your team members by connecting them with inspiration from inside and outside of their expertise and sector.  Not only that, but Portera INSPIRE works on a professional level and a personal one.

Each session in the Portera INSPIRE is carefully crafted to encourage open dialogue, foster innovative thinking, and spark new ideas. Our guests, from diverse industries, share their experiences, insights, and wisdom, providing your team with invaluable perspectives to unlock new opportunities for your business.

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How INSPIRE sessions add value to your team

Portera INSPIRE enriches your team by offering unique access to top-level executives from industries relevant to your journey, providing a platform to learn from their successes and failures. These sessions serve as a conduit for diverse perspectives, sharing inspiring success stories and valuable lessons from past mistakes. Utilizing the science of neuroleadership, we create an environment conducive to reflective thinking, enhancing decision-making and problem-solving skills.

The Framework

Organizations often grapple with the dual challenges of ambiguity and dilemma. Ambiguity arises when the path forward is unclear, posing questions like ‘Where are the problems?’, ‘Where do we go from here?’, or ‘How do we start?’. On the other hand, dilemma surfaces when there’s a need to balance between two competing priorities, such as increasing turnover rate while simultaneously keeping costs low. Both ambiguity and dilemma require a nuanced approach to decision-making, where clarity and strategic trade-offs play a critical role in steering the organization towards its goals.

Inspiration to Action

We aim to bridge the gap between inspiration and action, turning insightful discussions into tangible solutions for real business challenges. Our focus is not just on sparking creativity and motivation but also on providing clarity and direction to tackle complex business issues.

Want to hold an INSPIRE session?

We run inspire sessions for clients and companies looking for a disruptive experience. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.


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The crossover: Where elite sport meets elite enterprise technology

Consumer Loyalty- building attribution models and digital consumer paths Image
Consumer Loyalty- building attribution models and digital consumer paths
Using central Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform for multiple use cases Image
Using central Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform for multiple use cases
Data Pipelines for Effective Data Management Image
Data Pipelines for Effective Data Management

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