Edition 12 Update

Week 12


More than a year after the launch of ChatGPT, companies are still facing the same question when they first considered the technology: How do they actually go about putting it into business use?

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In recent decades, business planning gained a huge importance supported by technology which improves more sophisticated. The article entails a new approach to combine multiple business planning processes and digital tools.

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Spotlighting the technologies and trends that possess the highest potential to bring about significant disruptions across a diverse range of markets. Gartner suggests that when incorporating emerging technologies and trends into products and services there are important things to pay attention to.

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Portera Update

Sailing 49er World Championship 2024 Results

We’re so proud of our athletes from Team Portera that competed in the World Sailing Championship in Lanzarote from the 4-10th of March 2024.

Annette Duetz and Odile van Aanholt (49erFX class) athletes were crowned as World Champions, as the ladies brought back home Gold representing The Netherlands on an international stage. Incredible! 🔥🏅

Bart Lambriex & Floris van de Werken (49er class) athletes brought back home a silver medal following their already back to back 3x World Championship. Wow! 🔥🥈

The hard work and dedication that goes into competing at an elite level cannot be understated – and everyone here at Portera is excited to play a supportive role in helping our athletes achieve their ultimate ambitions.  See you at the Olympic Games 2024 in Marseille!


In this Ted talk, environmental business journalist Esha Chhabra talks about business’ s focus on profit rather than making things better for people and the planet.


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Drive change; own your data challenges.

In this episode, the TMP discuss owning your channel data strategy, and how you can get your data to do the heavy lifting to supercharge your channel success.

  • Why is data a key part of channel success?
  • As a vendor, what data should you be prioritising?
  • How to tell if your programs are performing for your channel?
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